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What's On in Benalmadena - Festivals


Benalmadena has of all-year-round festivals and cultural celebrations, which add to the colour and

vibrancy of the town. Everything from art and sporting events to traditional and religious processions.



The eve of Three Kings day, (Los Reyes), is the day the Spanish really celebrate Christmas, and is

accompanied with fantastic parades through the streets of Benalmadena and Arroyo de la Miel.

The Three Kings parade on the evening of 5th of January includes children aboard colourful floats

throwing sweets to the crowds. All the main streets are decorated with beautiful lighting effects.


(Easter Week) - Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is a special time in Benalmadena. Apart from the usual

religious processions through the streets Benalmadena Pueblo and Arroyo de la Miel, there is also a live

presentation of the Passion of Christ in the old village - Benalmadena Pueblo. Known as 'El Paso' the

procession, made up of locals, starts at sunrise on Friday of the 'Virgen de la Soledad'.

This is one of the most traditional celebrations to take place in Benalmadena.


Corpus Christi is another celebration, which stirs up the people of Benalmadena Pueblo. One of the

attractions of this event is the spreading of flower petals and herbs spread on the streets by the people

of village on the eve of the procession. The aromatic perfume and the carpet of natural colour,

transforms the village streets and creates an evocative atmosphere.


The 24th is the day of San Juan. Arroyo de la Miel celebrates from 24th to 29th June with its annual local

fair. Record numbers of visitors attend the last night of the celebrations. This is also a favourite time

because it is the start of the warmer nights on the coast. It is a popular fiesta all over Spain with

bonfires and fireworks usually starting from midnight on the 23rd.


15th - 29th Benalmadena Summer Festival of Music, Theatre & Dance is held in the Auditorium of the

Parque de La Paloma in Arroyo de la Miel.


The 16th sees the evening procession of the Virgin Carmen down to the sea. This celebration is known

as the 'Veladilla del Carmen' and has become more than simply the procession of the sailor and is now

something of a favourite local tradition, with a special mass and then the carrying of the virgin to the

sea, where the procession continues by boat. It leaves from Church Square, Avenida Bonanza after a

mass at 19:30 and then continues at 20:30 down to Benalmadena Port, where it proceeds by boat.

Many people jump in the sea and at 21:30 there is music and dancing till dawn. When the virgin reaches

the sea, there is a big fireworks display from the Malapesquera Beach.


Mid August sees festival of the 'Virgen de la Cruz' (The Virgin of the Cross). This annual festival of great

traditional and cultural importance, is celebrated with a procession is through the streets of the Pueblo.


About Benalmadena


Benalmadena has developed into a large resort of 27 square

kilometres consisting of 3 areas: Benalmadena Pueblo,

Benalmadena Costa & Arroyo del Miel.

Benalmadena Costa
The coastal strip with 9 km of beaches and cove has a fabulous

new marina & harbour. The stunning marina has a plethora of

shops, restaurants and night clubs.

Benalmadena Pueblo
Located inland from the western coastal strip of Benalmadena

Costa. The pueblo is the original village that has managed to retain

its charm as a typical Andalucian village, with its whitewashed

houses, narrow cobbled streets and balconies decorated with

flowers. At the heart of village is Plaza de Espana, the square is

home to the statue known as Fuente de la Nina. The young girl has

become the symbol of Benalmadena.

Being located in the hills behind the coast there are some amazing

views, especially from the church. There is also a very peculiar

castle, Castillo de Colomares, a short walk from the village centre.

Arroyo del Miel

Located inland from the eastern coastal strip of Benalmadena

Costa, Arroyo del Miel, translates as "Valley of honey" is home to

the majority of the local population and some very popular

attractions such as the Cable Car & Tivoli World.




Bil Bil Castle
Located on the sea front to the West of the Marina, Bil Bil castle is


both a land mark and attraction. The red rust coloured painted building is in an arabic style not over

interesting in it's self but the place does usually have an interesting exhibition, event or concert etc

organised by the Town Hall at the venue.


Benalmadena Marina
Virtually every body who visits Benalmadena comments on how fabulous the maria is, many say one of

the finest in the world. It is good for sightseeing, shopping, restaurants and nightlife.

Paloma Park
Located in the centre of Benalmadena this beautiful park has very tame birds and rabbits roaming free

which you can feed. There is also a big lake, cactus garden, children's play areas and two cafe's serving

snacks and drinks. Selwo Marina Dolphin park with daily shows is adjacent to the park

Promenade walk to Torremolinos
To walk from Benalmadena Marina to Torremolinos takes around 30 minutes. Add another 10 minutes

to reach either the steps below the watch tower (or lift) to the top of the cliff to Calle San Miguel the

main pedestrian street in Torremolinos

Tivoli Theme Park

Family theme park with rides and attractions for all ages - great fun day out and very reasonably priced

for a theme park. Visit their website


Benalmadena Cable Car

This 15 minute three-kilometer cable car ride starts at Benalmadena Costa and takes you up 800 meters

above sea level to the summit of Mount Calamorro. At the top there is bird sanctuary with various species

of falcons, eagles and owls.

If you're feeling energetic you can hike on any of the 2750 meters of trails that offer spectacular view

points over the Costa. There are also a number of bike trails. (Bikes are allowed on the cable cars)

Visit their website



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